Wykaree Tower

Wykaree Tower.png

This stately tower is home to the prominent Wykaree family. Originally constructed some 300 years ago as a fortified storehouse and residence by a paranoid merchant, the project eventually bankrupted him, and the tower was purchased by Vimalin Wykaree, a wealthy importer of grain.

As the Wykarees grew in wealth and station, the fortification was converted into a comfortable dwelling by the addition of a wing with formal entrance, a new chamber on the top of the original tower, and amenities such as chimneys, glazed windows, and water privies.

There have been rumors of additional, unseen construction over the intervening years, though the interior of the house is hardly a mystery. The latest generation of Wykarees are famous for their parties, hosting several extravagant events each year which culminate with their Grand Masque during the Feast of Ganider.

Versatile Venue

Wykaree tower contains maps of each of 5 floors, the roof, a basement and family crypt. I’ve run it as a residence, a scene for a masquerade ball, and an abandoned, haunted house. There is an annotated version and a player-facing version without callouts.