5th Edition Player Reference

5th Edition Player Reference

5th Edition Player Reference

5th Edition Player Reference

A two-sided, letter-size player reference sheet — the perfect pages for perplexed players to peruse while they await the critical hit that will send them screaming to oblivion. The front is focused on dice rolls and combat, while the back has a glossary for noobs and lots more info for novice dungeon delvers. In the digital version, there are web links to more information on most topics, and PHB page numbers are provided for deeper dives into those devious details.

What do you get when you download this fact-packed stack of stats, attacks, and FAQs?

  • d20 rolls and modifiers

  • Combat rounds and turns

  • Anatomy of an Attack

  • Damage & Recovery

  • Actions in Combat

  • Glossary of terms and abbreviations

  • Conditions

  • Movement

  • Currency

  • More!

Version history

1.1 Clarified Dash description

1.2 Fixed a text flow glitch in the "Damage Types" section

1.3 Minor language and layout tweaks, attackier art

1.4 Housekeeping

1.5 Updated per feedback from r/dnd:

  • Advantage and Disadvantage icons (to save a little much-needed space)

  • Clarified 5 ft rule for Ranged Attacks

  • Clarified Hit Dice Recovery

  • Added “melee” to Knockout

  • Clarified that Grapple and Shove require Attack action

1.6 Specified that Paralyzed creatures cannot move or speak.

1.7 Added Advantage/Disadvantage rule for invisible attackers/defenders. Changed Standing High Jump language (thanks to @t_ookami).

1.8 Clarified that two-weapon bonus applies to attack, but not to damage (thanks Matt A).

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