Local Flavor for Fantasy Shops

Retail is grueling. Margins are low, foot traffic can be unpredictable, and every College of Whispers bard is just waiting to snark up your place of business with a 2-star review.

Give the people what they want with this collection of brand-defining quirks for your herbalists, potioners, blacksmiths, coopers, wainwrights, apothecaries, fletchers, and cordwainers.

100 bits of color for fantasy shops, in the following categories:

1-30 Décor
31-50 Shopkeeper
51-60 Signage
61-70 Demeanor
71-80 Activity
81-88 Creatures
89-92 Security
93-97 Magic & Oddities
98-100 Sales

*** Plus ***

20 Emergency Names for Shopkeepers

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