Spaghetti Fridays

Our Dinners

About once a month, on a Friday night, the Robinsons hold a spaghetti dinner, and it has been a great success. We’ve made new friends and seen more of old ones, had scintillating conversation, shaken and stirred a bunch of new cocktails.

Our table fits 8 adults — plus us — so we have set up a Google spreadsheet where you can sign up for a spot and let us know if you’re bringing kids, or wine, or kids and wine. We will have a kids’ table, and possibly a wine table.

Kids and vegetarians will all be taken care of. Just let us know how many on the spreadsheet. If you have a favorite side dish, dessert, or beverage, please put it on the sheet and bring it.

Sign up early, or sign up late. If there’s room at our table, you’re welcome. Bring something if you like, but do come in any case. We’ll have plenty of food.

Arrive around 6:30pm; we will try to sit down by 7ish — cocktails and conversation permitting.